Unveil media semantics

Deep analysis API for images and words


Semantic API on one text document
Taxonomy Classification

Categorize your text into a hierarchical taxonomy. Read more

Entity Extraction

Identify people, places, and organizations in your text. Read more

Keyword Extraction

Find most relevant keywords to index your text. Read more

Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive and negative sentiments in your text. Read more

Concept Tagging

Generate high-level concept tags for your document. Read more

Text Extraction

Extract text from a webpage removing all other undesired content. Read more

Language detection

Recognize the language of your text (over 50 languages). Read more


Predict reader emotions among FB reactions (wow, sad, etc.). Read more


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Semantic API on more text documents

Text collection

Create, retrieve, and remove a Text Collection. Read more

Text Item

Create, modify, and delete items in your Text Collection. Read more

Document graph

Compute all document similarities in your Text Collection. Read more

Document discovery

Suggest other documents relevant to your text from a Text Collection. Read more

Entity graph

Identify a graph of entities from your Text Collection. Read more

Entity discovery

Find other relevant entities not in your text from a Text Collection. Read more

Concept graph

Identify a graph of concepts from your Text Collection. Coming soon

Concept discovery

Find other relevant concepts not in your text from a Text Collection. Coming soon

Design your API

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Semantic API for images

Face detection

Automatically detect and locate faces in your images. Coming soon

Face recognition

Assign a name to people faces detected in your images. Coming soon

Visual saliency map

Highlight regions in the image which attract your attention. Coming soon

Deep learning for NLP and image analysis

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  • Security: https
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  • Tech support: team available
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